Seattle Seahawks mock draft 3.0: Seattle avoids taking a quarterback early

Seattle goes defense often and early in this 2024 mock draft.
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Seattle Seahawks 2024 mock draft: Rounds 6 and 7

The Seahawks seem to draft well in later rounds better than most teams. John Schneider and Pete Carroll have found as many gems in the fifth round alone as lots of other teams took in the first or second round. Stone Forsythe has turned out to be a decent backup offensive tackle and Seattle chose him in the sixth round in 2021. Chris Carson was a good running back when healthy and he was taken in the seventh round in 2017.

I point this out because while many teams might be looking for depth only in rounds 6 and 7, the Seahawks won't rule out those rounds producing a potential starter. The two guys that follow might not be immediate starters, but they could also play meaningful snaps as rookies.

. Defensive tackle. . . 36. Round 6. . 6. Justin Eboigbe.

Eboigbe offers the one thing that Seattle has to have moving forward and that is a run-stopper. There is also no doubt the Alabama product would have been extremely well-coached in college in how to play between gaps and keep his offensive line counterpart occupied. Eboigbe might not ever help much with interior pass rush, but Seattle needs guys who can slow the run and that's what Egoigbe can do.

. . . 7. . Round 7. LaMiles Brooks. . Safety. 36

Brooks had a big dip in play this year. So much so that he might have fallen from a second or third round choice to the bottom of the draft. Partly was his coverage where he allowed 26 of 34 targets thrown his way to be completed. But Georgia Tech did not offer Brooks much help and in 2022 Brooks allowed only 7.5 yards per reception and had a quarterback rating allowed of 53.8. He has skills and his lack of great 2023 might help the Seahawks because they might grab him in the seventh round.

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