Seattle Seahawks 2024 7-round mock draft with a trade that makes Seahawks sizzle

Seattle changes the franchise's direction in this mock draft.
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The Seahawks have several major needs to address in the 2024 draft. In my first mock draft, John Schneider pulls off a huge trade and reloads for now and the future. Welcome to the (fake) John Schneider era of the Seattle Seahawks!

Ah yes, all the signs of the approach of Spring are in the air. Crocuses are blooming, Daylight Savings Time arrives next Sunday, and the interwebs are filled with thousands of mock drafts. This won't be as pretty as a crocus or as life-altering as a time change, but it may give you a few reasons to smile, 12s. I know it would make me happy if the Seahawks draft played out like this.

It should be obvious that I'm no draft expert; I mean, you have read some of my articles before, right? For a deep dive into the history of the Seahawks drafts, you can take the plunge here. Granted, the shine has dimmed a bit on the 2022 draft. But if Abe Lucas and Riq Woolen can return to their rookie form, the reputation of that class will bounce right back. The 2023 class wasn't exactly a bust, either. Okay, let's see what magic we can make for the Seahawks rookie class of 2024.

The Seattle Seahawks will kick off the 2024 draft with a massive trade

First, a bit of background. This is the first of three mocks I'll present; at least three, because it's fun. I ran all of my drafts on Pro Football Focus (subscription required). By the way, their draft simulator is freely available, but you can only run three rounds without a subscription. If you do subscribe, you can run all seven rounds, make trades, and set the parameters for the opposing teams. For example, you can make them really stupid and not draft according to their needs at all. You know, just like the Jaguars or Cardinals over the past five years. The same article ranked the Hawks 14th overall.

Okay, time to cut to the chase. My first move as the completely fake John Schneider was a trade, because, duh, John Schneider. This move would probably rank with his boldest ever, as my version of the Seahawks worked a trade with the Ravens for quite a haul. Maybe PFF's AI thought, "Hey, it's Mike Macdonald's team, we'll give him some love." Yes, you can force trades in their simulation, but none of my trades in any draft were forced. For Seattle's first-round pick, number 16, I received Baltimore's first-round pick at 30, their second and fourth-round 2024 picks (numbers 62 and 144 overall), and their fourth and fifth-round picks for 2025.

Yes, it's a big drop from 16th to 30th, but the Seahawks have multiple needs. They have to find reinforcements for the interior line on both sides of the ball and more pressure from the edge. They need depth at linebacker, heck, maybe a pair of starters. And yeah, if they're lucky, they could find their signal-caller for the next ten years, or at least a developmental quarterback. So yes, I was happy to swing a five-for-one package.

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