3 Seattle Seahawks that must be brought back in 2024

  • A couple of linebackers need to come back
  • A recent acquisition needs to be extended

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Seahawks need to try to bring back Leonard Williams

There are two big questions about Leonard Williams. One is how much he will cost in free agency. The other is whether he wants to return to Seattle as much as the Seahawks might want him back. Seattle traded a second-round draft pick to the New York Giants for Williams after Week 8 and he has been excellent for Seattle in five games with 2 sacks, 3 tackles for loss, and 4 QB hits. He is extremely disruptive along the interior of the defensive line, though he doesn't get a lot of help at times.

Williams will be 30 years old at the start of 2024, but he has mostly stayed healthy in his nine years. He has made at least $16,126,000 every season since 2020 so he probably isn't going to expect a significant pay decrease beginning in 2024. He has played well enough to keep earning that kind of money.

Seattle could release underperforming Dre'Mont Jones after 2023 and save nearly $5 million and apply all that money toward a new deal with Williams. The Seahawks also aren't up against the cap next year either, and with a few moves or restructures, Seattle should be able to create plenty of cap room to entice Williams to return if he so wishes.

Williams, however, might want to go to a team with a real chance of winning the Super Bowl. Based on 2023, the Seahawks do not appear capable of doing that in 2024. Plus, since Williams came to the team is just 1-4 so nothing the Seahawks have done should make Williams think about sticking around if he truly does want to play for a contender next year.

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