Seattle Seahawks MVPs through the first quarter of 2023

  • Offensive MVP isn't the QB
  • Defensive MVP is a returning player
  • Coaching MVP is not the HC, OC, or DC
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Due to the NFL schedule now being 17 games long, there is no real percentage for a quarter of the season. But because the Seattle Seahawks had a bye week in Week 5, we are just going to say Week 4 is the quarter mark of the year. Seattle is currently 3-1 and in the thick of the playoff race.

But which players for Seattle have stood out the most in 2023? Ones not mentioned here are edge rusher Darrell Taylor who has greatly underperformed this year. Another not mentioned is Jaxon Smith-Njigba who hasn't had a real chance to have a break out game but he is due.

But who are the Seahawks MVPs through four games? Well, one is a returning defensive player who wasn't with the team last year. Another is a player who still needs the ball more.

Seattle Seahawks special teams and coaching MVPs

Special teams

We know the MVP is going to go to kicker Jason Myers, at least not yet. There is a lot of football left and Myers is going to make some important kicks. But so far this year, Myers hasn't been as good as in recent seasons and has made 9 of 13 field goal attempts but his long is only 43 yards. NFL kickers need to make 50 yarders as needed and while Myers has done that in the past, he hasn't in 2023.

The special teams MVP through the first quarter of the season has to go to punter Michael Dickson, right? He is the all-time NFL leader in yards-per-punt currently and he is likely having the best year of his career. He leads the league in yards-per-punt (53.5) and also in net-yards-per-punt (48.9). Opposing teams have just 19 combined return yards on his 13 punts. So while he is punting the ball deep, he isn't also outkicking his coverage.


The Seahawks' defense has improved each week but there is no way of honestly saying that the defense is actually very good currently. Plus, was what Seattle did in Week 4 when they sacked New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones 11 times truly the scheme of the defense or just awful Giants offensive line play? Still, the rush defense is much improved and a lot of the credit for that should go to defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt.

But the real MVP on the coaching staff so far this year is offensive line coach Andy Dickerson. No coach, maybe in the entire league, has had to do more with less this year. At one point in Week 4, Seattle did not have one presumed starter at the position they were expected to start. Only Evan Brown was actually playing at all and had to move to guard. And yet, Seattle has the sixth-best sack percentage in the league and Seattle is 11th in yards-per-carry (4.4).