Seattle Seahawks MVPs through the first quarter of 2023

  • Offensive MVP isn't the QB
  • Defensive MVP is a returning player
  • Coaching MVP is not the HC, OC, or DC
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Offensive MVP

Due to so many injuries along the offensive line, one cannot assume what we have seen from the Seahawks passing game is a true indication of how productive the group will be this year. Seattle has mostly cut out the deep passes that quarterback Geno Smith threw so well in 2022. Likely, the team just doesn't assume that these kinds of plays have time to consistently develop as Seattle has so many backup linemen playing.

And Geno Smith hasn't been bad, either. He is 10th in quarterback rating while only being 30th in pass attempts. He's also 13th in completion percentage and he hasn't turned the ball over. But he isn't the Seahawks offensive MVP trough the first four games.

That would be running back Kenneth Walker III who is tied for fourth in rushing touchdowns with 5 and he is 12th in first downs picked up. He is also tied for 11th in success percentage meaning when he gets the ball on first or second down he gets the team in position to have short yardage in which to pick up another first down.

While Walker is 10th in yards rushing per game (70.8), he's only 17th in rushing attempts (64). In fact, really the Seahawks should be giving Walker the ball even more, especially in the second halves of games. That could change in Week 6 as the Cincinnati Bengals don't have a great run defense so Seattle needs to run the ball a lot. Walker could have his first 100-yard rushing game of the season.