Seattle Seahawks News: Geno Smith, injuries, Devon Witherspoon and ManningCast

  • Geno Smith calms down
  • ManningCast reacts to Spoon's pick
  • Pete Carroll updates some injuries
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Injury updates!

So, first of all, we won't have any official injury updates for the Seattle Seahawks until next week. The team has this coming weekend off and they cannot practice, per NFL rules. I always like to think of what players are doing during the bye week and then having to come back as the scene from the film Armageddon when people are just kind of off doing whatever.

Anyway, that's just me, maybe. Still, funny? Not sure. You can judge me if you want to; I am OK with that.

But the fact is that Seattle has had a bunch of injuries through the first four games and they need time to recover. Heck, even though Seattle is 3-1, due to all the injuries they probably haven't even played near their best because they haven't had their presumed best players. Jamal Adams was one of the injured players who got back in Week 4 and then immediately got hurt, but head coach Pete Carroll says he will be "fine" and likely be ready by Week 6 after suffering a concussion against Week 4.

Seattle will still be without right tackle Abraham Lucas until at least Week 7 because he is required to miss four games after being placed on injured reserve ahead of Week 2. But left tackle Charles Cross was close to returning against the Giants so he should be back by Week 6. At least that would be one offensive line starter returning because during Week 4 Seattle had literally zero offensive line starters playing at times (unless you count Evan Brown who Seattle had to move from center to guard).

Otherwise, Seattle should be almost fully healthy before Week 6. Heck, the team might not even know what to do with itself having so many players available.