Seattle Seahawks News: Geno Smith, injuries, Devon Witherspoon and ManningCast

  • Geno Smith calms down
  • ManningCast reacts to Spoon's pick
  • Pete Carroll updates some injuries
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Devon Witherspoon gets the ManningCast treatment

Devon Witherspoon was special in Week 4. He had 7 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 tackles for loss, and the first interception of his career. But he didn't simply pick off the pass from New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, Witherspoon ran the ball back 97 yards for a touchdown. That's called maximizing your opportunities, kids. Witherspoon is a good teacher.

But while the play itself was great enough by snatching a potential touchdown pass from the Giants when they were attempting to cut the lead to 14-10 in the second half and basically putting a fork in the game, Witherspoon also got the ManningCast treatment. Now, it should be known that I don't blame Eli Manning for clearly pulling for the Giants because he played for New York for 16 years. Nor do I blame Peyton Manning for clearly pulling for the Giants because he loves his brother, Eli.

Still, the reaction - the speechless and defeated reaction - to Witherspoon intercepting Jones' pass and returning the ball for a soul-crushing touchdown was priceless. And no, I am not an Eli or Peyton hater. I like them well enough and I think they are decent people who get paid to come across as down-to-earth and a fan like the rest of us and they do a good job of that. Because they probably are really fans at heart.

But as a Seahawks fan, one has to absolutely love the play of a rookie in his third NFL game and watch Witherspoon be the best player on the field. Period. Did Seattle make the right choice taking Witherspoon fifth overall in the 2023 NFL draft? Um, yeah.

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