Seahawks News: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, DK Metcalf, Russell Wilson and Joe Burrow

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How do 12s feel about Russell Wilson winning a game?

OK, yeah. I get it. Russell Wilson no longer plays for the Seattle Seahawks but he is still the best quarterback in franchise history and he very recently played for Seattle. Wilson might be gone from the team, but not from the memories of 12s. Last year, in all honesty, many 12s may have wanted Wilson to lose a lot with his new team, the Denver Broncos, but a big reason for this was that Denver losing gave Seattle a better draft pick in the 2023 NFL draft as part of the trade that sent Wilson to Denver.

So in fairness, right now we should point out that Denver losing no longer helps the Seahawks, yet Denver has continued to lose. The fault does not lie with Russell Wilson, however. At least, not most of the problem. Wilson is sixth in passer rating through four games and sixth in average yards per attempt. Denver's issue right now is their coach, Sean Payton, who somehow allowed a good 2022 defense to be awful this year while Wilson's offensive line is still not good.

What's wrong with Joe Burrow and the Bengals ahead of Seattle playing them in Week 6?

The Bengals are in a weird place right now. Before the season, Cincinnati was once again expected to be one of the better teams in the NFL. But so far in 2023, they stink. They are 1-3 and were blown out by a not-great Tennessee Titans team in Week 4. What's going on and is there a chance their issues could linger into Week 6 when the Seahawks play them in Cincinnati?

Well, yeah. Joe Burrow is dealing with a calf strain he suffered in the preseason and the injury appears worse than one may have thought. The injury isn't going to get better by Burrow playing on it, either. The usually accurate Burrow has completed only 55.4 percent of his passes this season and he has only 2 touchdown throws against 2 interceptions. His offensive line has been bad and the Bengals defense gives up too many explosive plays.

Cincinnati plays a surprisingly tough Arizona Cardinals team in Week 5 while Seattle has the week off. If the Cardinals can beat the Bengals, Cincinnati might have all kinds of trouble beating Seattle. But the Bengals and Burrow are also talented enough where they can click back into form and be among the best teams in the league.

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