Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Devon Witherspoon and power rankings

  • Pete Carroll hates the way a tackle was made
  • Witherspoon wins an award
  • Seattle rises in the power rankings
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The Seattle Seahawks aren't practicing right now. Oh, don't get me wrong. The team hasn't quit because that would be weird. Instead, Seattle is having its well-deserved bye week and getting some rest for a bunch of injured players.

Seattle, like many other teams, it seems, have struggled with several players missing time already, and Seattle has specifically had multiple key players get hurt in the same position group. Offensive line and cornerback? Those groups have been a mess, but thankfully other players have stepped up and performed well.

Are you wondering what players are doing this weekend since they basically are forced from team activities and buildings and have to take a holiday? Well, I am not sure. We would have to ask them. But here is some Seattle Seahawks news for you anyway.

Seattle Seahawks rise in FanSided's power rankings

Are the Seahawks one of the ten best teams in the NFL currently? According to their 3-1 record they are. Every team outside the top ten has a 2-2 record or worse. The NFL wanted parity and except for a handful of excellent teams, that's what they have. Is the league any better with parity than it was when the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, and Pittsburgh Steelers were winning multiple Super Bowls in a decade? I'm not sure as sometimes it's nice to have a team to hate for winning.

But after Seattle ranked 27th after Week 1 in the FanSided power rankings, they have risen each week and now rank 10 after getting a convincing victory over the awful New York Giants in Week 4. Heck, maybe Seattle would have risen even higher had they beaten a good team 24-3, but any team with talent who is actually trying should be able to defeat the Giants at this point.

Those ranked above the Seahawks right now includes four teams that Seattle still has to play a combined five times, though. Seattle, of course, will play the San Francisco 49ers twice. That means a big chunk - 42 percent - of the Seahawks remaining schedule will be against teams thought to currently be better than they are. So the rest of the season might be really tough.