Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Devon Witherspoon and power rankings

  • Pete Carroll hates the way a tackle was made
  • Witherspoon wins an award
  • Seattle rises in the power rankings

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Pete Carroll wants a type of tackle banned

During Week 4, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith was forced to leave the pocket and he began running toward the sideline. Before he reached the sideline, Giants safety Isaiah Simmons caught up to him and began tackling him from behind. Fine, and nothing wrong with that. But the issue is that Simmons kept a hold of Smith after both were out of bounds and Simmons began twisting which caused him to land on the back of Smith's legs. Smith came up slightly injured and peeved at the tackle.

After the game, Smith initially said the tackle was a "dirty play" before he calmed some before the post-game press conference. Head coach Pete Carroll didn't call the play dirty but still felt strongly that a flag should have been thrown. According to the Seattle Times, Carroll said, "(The tackle) just should have been recognized… I don’t even care about the penalty. We’ve just got to get that out of ball. It’s so dangerous."

What Carroll meant by "get that out" is the hip-drop tackle that Simmons did. Players are taught tackling technique at a young age so thinking what Simmons did was an accident is unlikely. He wasn't out of control and he should have been aware that what he was doing could potentially injure Smith.

Two days after the game, Carroll was standing by what he said as he told Seattle Times reporter Bob Condotta, "...that’s just something we’ve tried to get out of football, and it’s become a big deal and it was pretty clear cut that’s what that tackle ended up being." We still don't know if the NFL will choose to fine Simmons for the way he tackled Smith.

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