Seattle Seahawks 2024 NFL Combine interview tracker: Who Seattle is talking to

Seattle clearly has an interest in all of these players.

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Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider is making the rounds at the NFL combine and meeting with players he might want to take early in the 2024 NFL draft. This has to be a fun time for Schneider as for the first time he is in full control over the team's roster. Before this year, former head coach Pete Carroll had the final say over roster moves.

This means Schneider can pick whomever he chooses in the first round, or well...anywhere else in the draft. He only has to answer to himself as far as putting the team together. If the team fails because of on-field decisions, 12s can blame Mike Macdonald. If the team has a fantastic roster, 12s can credit Schneider.

While speaking to players at the NFL Combine does not mean the team will choose that player if they are available in the draft it does, of course, mean that team is interested in the player. The hope for the players is that they do not say anything mindlessly during a team interview. In other words, let's hope the player is a lot more like you, dear reader, than me.

Which players are the Seattle Seahawks interviewing at the 2024 NFL combine?

But who is reportedly interested in and talking to at the 2024 combine? The following players have been confirmed by reputable sources. As you can see from the list below, defense is definitely a high priority for the Seahawks.

DE Bralen Trice, Washington (via various outlets)
DE Dallas Turner, Alabama (via Sports Illustrated)
DE Marshawn Kneeland, Western Michigan (via Sports Illustrated)
DL Kris Jenkins, Michigan (via various outlets)
DL Jer'Zhan Newton, Illinois (via Sports Illustrated)
DL Byron Murphy, Texas (via Sports Illustrated)
LB Junior Colson, Michigan (via the player himself at the NFL combine)
LB Trevin Wallace, Kentucky (via various outlets)
CB Josh Newton, TCU (via Dallas News' Calvin Watkins)
QB Jayden Daniels, LSU (via Ian Rapoport)
QB Drake Maye, North Carolina (via Ian Rapoport)
WR Mike Sainristil, Michigan (via Seattle Times Bob Condotts)
TE Jaheim Bell, Florida State (via ChatSports' Tyler Jones)

We will keep this updated with new information as reported. Of note, if the Seahawks are truly interested in the player after talking to them at the NFL Combine, the team can invite the player for a visit in Seattle and speak with them further. Each team gets up to 30 players to visit facilities ahead of the 2024 NFL draft. The draft will be held from April 25 through April 27.

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