4 Seattle Seahawks players who could get another shot under Mike Macdonald

These four players could have excellent seasons under Macdonald.
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Current Seahawks safety Jamal Adams

I think most 12s expect Jamal Adams to be released in one way or another. That could be the first chance Seattle has which would save the team $6,083,332. If the Seahawks decide to release Adams but have that release not truly take place until after June 1, the team would save $16,500,000, but they could not spend any of it until after the first of June. Seattle needs cap space now so the team might decide to eat the $10 million so they can spend $6 million on nearly any other player than Adams.

But what if Seattle decides to keep Adams? Maybe general manager John Schneider assumes that yet another offseason of rehab for Adams means a more explosive Adams moving forward. Former head coach Pete Carroll said during the 2023 season the safety simply had not had enough time to fully recover from a leg injury he suffered in Week 1 of 2022. Maybe that is true.

Under Macdonald, Adams might have a very real chance of looking a lot like his 2020 version where he seemed to have a knack for knowing when to attack the line of scrimmage. Since that season, Adams has not recorded a sack. Was the issue with the safety completed of his own making or because Seattle simply did not know how best to use him?

Macdonald will not have that issue. He is smart enough to know better the situations to put Adams in to have him succeed which means the overall defense succeeds. Plus, a productive Adams is probably a less grumpy version of the player.