4 Seattle Seahawks players who could get another shot under Mike Macdonald

These four players could have excellent seasons under Macdonald.
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Former Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney

Speaking of getting the best from one's ability, Mike Macdonald clearly knew how to do that with Jadeveon Clowney with the Baltimore Ravens this season. Instead of overcomplicating Clowney's role with the team, something many teams have done with the defensive end since he entered the league because of Clowney's immense raw ability, Macdonald simplified Clowney's role. Instead of having to overthink, Clowney simply reacted and had one of his best seasons in the NFL.

Clowney also has the ability to help Seattle at the team's greatest spots of need. He is excellent at setting the edge against the run and that was something the Seahawks seemed incapable of doing this season. Clowney can also supply pressure from his defensive end spot (Clowney is versatile enough to play linebacker or end and can be moved around in any scheme) and Seattle had an extremely inconsistent pass rush in 2023.

Clowney will still only be 31 years old in 2024. He is likely to miss a game or three, but he did play his first full season since 2017 this year. Maybe Macdonald just has a way of communicating with Clowney that gets Clowney on the field every game and to be productive almost every game. Bringing Clowney back to the Seahawks where Clowney played in 2019 should be a good move for both player and Seattle's defense.

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