4 Seattle Seahawks players on the hot seat at 2024 minicamp

Seattle begins mandatory minicamp on June 11. These players might be under the most pressure.
Dre'Mont Jones of the Seattle Seahawks
Dre'Mont Jones of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks will host three days of mandatory minicamp this week. The dates will be June 11 through 13. During these practices, a team can do drills, but there can be no tackling or hitting.

For that, Seattle has to wait until training camp at the end of July. This means between June 13 through late July, 12s should hope there is no breaking news about any of the players. Unless someone has inked a new contract then the news will likely be bad.

Some players need to impress during minicamp, however. Two of the players that follow will definitely be on the team, but the other two might not be. None can be too sure of their roster spots.

Four Seahawks on the hot seat during mandatory minicamp

Right guard Anthony Bradford

Seattle drafted Christian Haynes in the third round of the 2024 NFL draft. That is a high enough pick to imply Seattle really likes Haynes, but not high enough to imply that Haynes is without question a Week 1 starter in 2024. Bradford could still beat Haynes out for the starting spot at right guard.

There are a couple of issues holding Bradford back. One is that even though he played for Seattle last year, he wasn't good. Plus, he needs to show to the new coaching staff that he is worthy of being thought of as a starter again. If he cannot protect in minicamp when there is no hitting then he won't be able to protect - again - once real games begin.

The other issue is that Haynes already appears to have impressed with his tenacity and work ethic in OTAs. All things being equal, Haynes could be the starter as he was the pick of general manager John Schneider without former head coach Pete Carroll. One can assume new offensive line coach Scott Huff had some input about Haynes before he was chosen as well.

Edge rusher/defensive lineman Dre'Mont Jones

Jones is reportedly getting a lot of reps at edge rusher, too. At least, that is what his personal trainer posted on Instagram. (If that is true, I am sure new head coach Mike Macdonald had some words with Jones about having his personal trainer stop spilling the tea about what the Seahawks are working on.)

Jones does have good athleticism and Macdonald is going to find ways to use him better than Carroll and former defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt did. Still, he hasn't played edge before so once games begin, maybe Jones does not react without thinking, and that slows his play. He might be disruptive off the edge and should be better against the run than say Darrell Taylor, but Jones moving to edge might mean the coaching staff is not happy with what he has done along the defensive line.

Cornerback Mike Jackson

The Seahawks have too many cornerbacks currently. The team had too many even before the 2024 draft, but after adding two more CBs, a player or three has to go. We can assume Riq Woolen and Devon Witherspoon are safe, but everyone else, including the rookies, is a cut candidate. Jackson and Tre Brown have been with Seattle for a few years now, but have they shown enough to earn a roster spot in 2024?

Jackson did re-work his deal this offseason. He was tendered a contract that would have paid him $3 million, but that was never going to happen. The corner smartly took some guaranteed money, but he would not carry much dead money should he be released.

In the last two seasons, Jackson has been a corner who covers fairly well but does not create turnovers. If Macdonald likes ball-hawks, Jackson won't make the team. Seattle might also want to give rookies D.J. James and Nehemiah Pritchett more reps in hopes they help for the next four years.

Wide receiver Jake Bobo

No Seahawks fan likely wants to see Bobo leave. He became a fan favorite in training camp last year, and when he had a chance to help the team in the regular season, he did. He was a fantastic blocker as a receiver and a decent red-zone threat. The question with Bobo might be how much position flexibility he has.

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Seattle might rather keep two receivers, such as Laviska Shenault and Dee Eskridge, who can help with kick returns. The question then becomes whether Seattle keeps five or six receivers. If the answer is six, Bobo should be safe.

Bobo also needs to prove to the new offensive coaching staff he deserves to be on the team. He is not fast, but he is smart. New offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb can probably find a use for Bobo, but he needs to be more productive than a fan favorite.

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