5 Seattle Seahawks players with the most to prove in 2024 season

These players need to prove they should be with the team past this coming season.
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Running back Zach Charbonnet

Zach Charbonnet had no business being drafted in the second round of the 2023 draft. That is not his fault, of course. He has the talent to be a good running back but Seattle did not need to take a QB for the second straight year in round two. Seattle chose Kenneth Walker III in 2022. To make matters worse former offensive coordinator Shane Waldron decided to pass the ball the fifth-most times per percentage so any potential Charbonnet had was wasted.

This puts more pressure on Charbonnet to greatly improve his production in 2024. He should get his chances, at least. One can assume that new OC Ryan Grubb will run the ball more and that clearly means more opportunities for Walker and Charbonnet. Charbonnet did average 4.3 yards per carry and caught 33 passes so he likely can be good. But he needs to make a huge impact in 2024 for Seattle not to think he was a huge second-round mistake in 2023.

Quarterback Geno Smith

Obviously, the player with the most to prove in 2024 for the Seahawks is quarterback Geno Smith. He has not been a bad quarterback but he has two years left on his deal and Seattle traded for Sam Howell this offseason. Howell has starting experience and would be by far the least costly option in 2025 should Seattle turn to him to start and release Smith. I am not saying this should happen, only that financially it would make sense.

Should Smith turn out to have a fantastic 2024, though, he should return in 2025. Howell would still be his backup and Seattle could still draft a quarterback in the 2025 draft if they so chose, but why move on from the quality of Smith if he has once again proven himself? If Smith helps Seattle win games, why take a chance on someone else who might not win at the same level? Smith's future is in his own hands as well as the immediate future of the Seahawks as a team.

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