4 Seattle Seahawks players with soaring stock ahead of 2024 NFL draft

These players should be happy with where they are on the depth chart.
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The Seattle Seahawks could have a boom-or-bust season in 2024. They have a new head coach, Mike Macdonald, who should make a big and positive difference in the defense. The problem is that Seattle has a number of new defensive pieces so they might not gel as well as 12s hope.

The offense has good skill position players, but the offensive line looks bad. That unit would be enough to keep Seattle's offense from reaching maximum productivity. That could mean missing out on a playoff spot.

Or the defense could show to be faster and better. The offensive line could be much better than expected. The team could make a push deep into the playoffs. And the following four players will help with that.

Anthony Bradford - Seattle Seahawks guard

No matter how good (or bad) Bradford was in his rookie season of 2023, he has to feel pretty safe about how the team sees him this offseason. After losing left guard Damien Lewis in free agency, Seattle did not panic and did not bring in another guard to start; they signed presumed backup Tremayne Anchrum, Jr. Plus, Anchrum is more of a left guard. Bradford almost literally has zero competition at right guard currently.

Moreover, Seattle might look to draft a guard in the 2024 NFL draft, but that player will likely be more of a left guard than play on the right side. There is a chance that Seattle could still sign a veteran free agent guard, but the only one they have brought in for a visit is Greg Van Roten who has a history of playing either guard spot and would likely be the left guard.

Bradford does need to be much better in 2024, however. He was atrocious in pass protection, specifically, ranking last among all guards in the league in that aspect, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). Hopefully, new offensive line coach Scott Huff can get more out of Bradford than former line coach Andy Dickerson did.