4 Seattle Seahawks players who should stick around in 2024

These four players need to remain on the roster next season.

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No. 2 - Linebacker Jordyn Brooks

Like Fant, Brooks is an unrestricted free agent. The Seahawks chose to not pick up his fifth-year option likely because he would have been owed $12 million or so in 2024. That made sense at the time as Brooks had been injured and he had not become a transcendent player. He still has not, but he did show the ability to come back quickly from being hurt and be a very good player.

But Brooks should return because Mike Macdonald might easily make him into a top-ten linebacker. Macdonald worked wonders with the Baltimore Ravens as both Patrick Queen and Roquan Smith graded in the top 23 linebackers in 2023, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). Brooks has the same kind of speed and athleticism as Smith or Queen. He just hasn't worked in a system that benefits his strengths.

Under Macdonald, Brooks won't be asked to blitz much, but he will be put into positions where he can best succeed. He will also probably be taught to cover better. Pass coverage has been a weakness for Seattle's linebackers for years. There is no reason to think Brooks could not excel in that area.

As Seattle's run defnese scheme was poor overall, Brooks' personal numbers were low. With an improved system - and the system will improve with Macdonald - then Brooks is also going to look a lot better. Maybe Brooks comes back for one season but then improves his asking price for 2025 after likely being fantastic in Macdonald's system.