4 Seattle Seahawks players who should stick around in 2024

These four players need to remain on the roster next season.
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No. 4 - Defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Leonard Williams has already made his bones in the NFL. He was very good for the New York Jets to begin his career, was good after joining the New York Giants, and was terrific after coming over midway through 2023 to the Seahawks. No matter where Williams ends up in free agency, he is very likely to be a highly productive player.

Seattle should be more desperate to keep Williams than Williams is motivated to stay with the Seahawks. If Williams, who will be 30 years old in Week 1 of the 2024 season, wants to play near the end of his career for a potential contender then he is going to ask himself if Seattle fits that description. Is Seattle closer to being a contender with Mike Macdonald than Pete Carroll?

We know that a potential pairing of Macdonald and Williams is likely magical. Macdonald puts all his players in their best positions to succeed. Williams already knows how to succeed but would be playing in a revamped Seattle defense that will probably allow Williams to get more support.

We should hope that Williams comes back. He likely has two or three very good seasons left, if not more. He made Seattle's defensive line better when he arrived in 2023 but the scheme and run defense overall was atrocious. Just think how much better and productive Williams could be in a defense led by Mike Macdonald.

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