5 Seattle Seahawks players that likely will not be back in 2024

The 2023 season isn't completely over yet, of course, but decisions on which players to bring back in 2024 are likely already being made.
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Noah Fant
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Tight end Noah Fant will likely not be back next year

I will be honest (because why would I lie to you?), if I was Noah Fant I wouldn't want to come back to play for Seattle. Fant is capable of very good things in the right system. He has good speed and he catches well. In an offensive system designed to get the ball to tight ends in better spaces and more volume, Fant could have a breakout year. That is not going to happen in Seattle's system, though.

Fant is also only 25 years old so he has a lot of football left to play. He is having a career year in terms of yards per reception (16.1) and he is catching a career-high 82.4 percent of his targets, But he is also averaging just 2,1 targets per game, a career low. Why Seattle can't involve him more is a good question, but if I were Fant, I would be signing elsewhere in 2024.

Linebacker Darrell Taylor will likely not be return next year

The Darrell Taylor experiment just needs to be done. He is a restricted free agent in 2024 so Seattle could bring him back rather inexpensively, but why do so? Taylor has never been good against the run, and much of that is he simply doesn't seem like he wants to be. Sure, he can get 9 sacks in a season, but he is inconsistent from game to game.

Taylor's snap count percentage is actually higher this year than in his two previous seasons, but he is on pace for a career-low 5 sacks, and he only has 3 quarterback hits in 2023. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Taylor has maintained a run grade of an atrocious 45.1 this year (about the same as his previous two seasons), but his pass rush grade is also abysmal. There's simply no reason to keep Taylor around if he isn't going to help the team.