Seattle Seahawks podcast: Was the Giants tackle on Geno Smith dirty?

  • We react to Week 4
  • Was the tackle on Geno a dirty play
  • Devon Witherspoon greatness
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Try to read this in a David Byrne voice as he is signing, "Once in a Lifetime": One day you may find yourself asking if the tackle on Geno Smith in Week 4 was legal...or not. While the Seattle Seahawks did defeat those nasty New York football Giants in Week 4 of the 2023 season, they had to spend some of the game without their starting quarterback. In fact, we are lucky that Geno Smith wasn't even hurt worse.

But when Giants safety Isaiah Simmons tackled Smith from behind and then fell onto the quarterback's legs once both players were out of bounds, was the tackle dirty? Geno Smith thought so immediately after the game before he calmed his tone some in the post-game press conference. But we give our thoughts on this week's Seattle Seahawks podcast.

We also discuss the standouts from Seattle's Week 4 victory. How good is Devon Witherspoon? And was Seattle really as good as they showed against the Giants or are the Giants really that atrocious? The odd bit is the Giants made the postseason last year with much of the same roster.

Seattle Seahawks podcast Week 4: What happened and what will happen?

But wait! There's more! Because we also discuss how backup quarterback Drew Lock looked in his first real action since two seasons ago. Is there a quarterback controversy in Seattle? No, and there shouldn't be, but Lock still looked solid.

We talk American politics, but not the weather, so you are good there. And our weekly top five list, which we call the Rob Gordons, is best pizza toppings. It's a delicious show all around.

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