Seattle Seahawks podcast: Reacting to Pete Carroll leaving the Seahawks

Seattle will be looking for a new head coach for the first time since 2010.
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How odd will it be to look at the Seattle Seahawks sideline beginning in 2024 and not see Pete Carroll standing there directing the team and constantly chewing gum? While we know Carroll is no longer the head coach, the understanding of that might not truly sink in until we see someone else on the sidelines. Pete Carroll won a lot of football games for Seattle but he also had a unique personality. He will be missed.

Luckily (or unluckily) for you, dear reader and listener, we discuss everything Pete on our latest podcast. We won't break down every snap of every season in his 14 seasons with the team because that would turn a 40-minute podcast into a 16-day pod. Who wants to listen to that? We stress you enough at just 40 minutes.

But what is more stressful and still difficult to fully grasp is watching Pete Carroll walk away from coaching for the Seahawks. He was the epitome of class in his final press conference with the team when he thanked his players, family, and Seattle chairperson Jody Allen even though she likely made the final decision that Carroll should leave.

Seahawks podcast: Thoughts on Pete Carroll no longer being Seattle's HC

Carroll said he fought to stay as coach (maybe Bill Belichick did that with the Patriots, too, because he also will no longer be coaching, at least for now) and implied he tried to do the same for his assistant coaches. Many coaches might just throw a tirade and carry only about their next move. Not Carroll. He always stood by the philosophy of "we" and he proved that mantra to be true in the press conference.

But don't just read about this. Click on the play button above and listen to the soothing sounds of our voices. You might need a strong drink or hot tea to chase down the sound of our voices, though. We know Seahawks football well but we don't exactly have the vocal abilities of Will Arnett.

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