Seattle Seahawks podcast: What Seattle should do with Geno Smith

We think we have all the answers (but we don't) on Smith's future with the team.

Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages

Another week has gone by and you need your 12th Man Rising Seattle Seahawks podcast fix. I get it. I mean, if Todd and I don't talk Seattle football and whatever else is on our minds every week I might just be a normal human being. And honestly, who wants that? It's good to be strange and thankfully, the people who make up the Pacific Northwest aren't all that normal from the rest of the country and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Anyway, back to the podcast. What do we discuss this week, you might ask? I am glad you did. And to be fair, I do not know. We have not recorded the podcast as I am writing this. But I do have a few guesses and safe assumptions.

One is that we talk about Geno Smith's future with the team. Seattle did just guarantee his base salary of $12.7 million in 2024, but even if they pick up his roster bonus of $9.6 million on March 17 the team could still trade him. Even if the Seahawks do not trade Smith, they could draft his eventual replacement so who might be the guy to take Smith's spot? We discuss.

Will the Seattle Seahawks keep Geno Smith through 2024?

We also talk about how the Seattle coaching staff is filling out. Besides the offensive and defensive coordinators, has Seattle made the right hire for the assistant coaches? Heck, we do not know the real answer - no one does, really - but that does not stop us from talking about the subject as if we know the correct answer.

Of course, all of that is just a guess. As I said, I am writing about the podcast before we record it. Saves time that way. And if anyone read the podcast article from last week, you will know that I have now reached the minimum number of words needed for good SEO.

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