Seattle Seahawks podcast: Is Week 18 the last rodeo for Pete Carroll in Seattle?

Seattle needs a victory in Week 18 to keep their playoff hopes alive.
Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

We have reached the end, 12s. The end of what exactly we do not know. When the Seattle Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals in Week 18, we definitely will see the end of the regular season, but will a playoff spot be there for Seattle the following week?

Seattle has to win in Arizona (or get help from about five other teams, which is not going to happen) to have any real chance at the postseason. Making the playoffs is a mark of achievement, of course, and the Seattle Seahawks have done so nearly every season under head coach Pete Carroll, but the last couple of years Seattle seems to sneak in a bit.

Which begs the question: If Seattle loses to the Cardinals, might we see a monumental change to the Seahawks organization this offseason? That would include potentially moving on from head coach and, almost as importantly, Vice President of Football Operations Pete Carroll. If Carroll leaves that would probably mean defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt and possibly offensive coordinator Shane Waldron do too. Would these moves make Seattle better in the future?

Seattle Seahawks podcast: Previewing Week 18

We discuss the pros and cons of all of this on our latest podcast. We also talk about which Seahawks made the Pro Bowl and which other players should have, if any. Plus, for fun, we throw in what our dream jobs would be. (Not everything is Seahawks-related, just 99 percent of what we discuss.)

We also preview Week 18, of course. Can Seattle go up against a team that runs the ball well such as the Cardinals do and slow them down when the Seahawks got run over, run between, and run through by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17? Whether Seattle can stop Arizona's run game might be the answer to if the team makes the playoffs this season and if Pete Carroll is the head coach in 2024.

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