Seattle Seahawks podcast: Who should be QB1 in Seattle and Week 11 preview

Who should really be playing quarterback for the Seahawks moving forward?
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The Seattle Seahawks are 6-3. That seems simple enough, right? The team is tied atop the NFC West along with the San Francisco 49ers through nine games, but if you didn't know what Seattle's record was and heard as much chatter about who should be Seattle's QB1 - Geno Smith or Drew Lock - you might think the team was 3-6.

Maybe Seattle's record won't look so nice in five more games. The Seahawks face a murderer's row of teams beginning in Week 12 as over the next four weeks they will play the 49ers twice, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Seattle will not be favored in any of those games.

This is one reason Week 11 looms so large. Seattle faces a not-great Los Angeles Rams team that is 3-6. But 12s all know how much the Rams seem to always give Seattle problems. This includes Week 1 of 2023 when Los Angeles came to Seattle and stomped the Seahawks 30-13. But Seattle has to find a way to win on Sunday.

Should the Seattle Seahawks make a quarterback change?

Let us assume that the Seahawks do win. The funny thing is that no matter how well quarterback Geno Smith plays, many 12s will not be happy with how he did. Smith had a career-high 369 yards passing in Week 10 against the Washington Commanders and many 12s still thought Smith played poorly.

But is Drew Lock really better than Smith? Or should we trust what the Seattle coaches have seen in practice over the last two seasons? We discuss on this week's podcast.

We also talk about who has stood out for Seattle in 2023 and who has disappointed. Do we do this intelligently? Maybe not. You will just have to tune in and listen and judge (harshly) for yourself.

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