Seattle Seahawks: 3 potential landing spots for DK Metcalf in a trade

While the Seahawks are unlikely to trade DK Metcalf, most probably thought the same thing about Seattle trading Russell Wilson.

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DK Metcalf could be traded to the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots offense is atrocious. Whether Bill Belichick, a defensive-minded coach like Pete Carroll but seemingly lacking the ability to win a lot of football games without a certain quarterback, took his eye off the proverbial ball after decades of success and doesn't know how to fix things or not, one thing is true: The Patriots need to find a lot more weapon offensively. Why not start with a great receiver?

The Patriots are 30th in the league in scoring (101 points) and while they are 18th in passing yards, they are seventh in pass attempts. Basically, one reason New England has the number of passing yards they do is because they have to throw so much to try to catch back up in games they are losing because their offense is so bad. (Whew!)

The Seahawks are going to want a first-round draft pick (at least) from any potential trade partner for DK Metcalf. New England has one first-round choice in every draft for the foreseeable future. In fact, they have one pick in each round from the first through the fifth for the foreseeable future. I bring that up because Seattle isn't going to want just one first-round pick, but multiple choices.

New England only has a little over $2 million in cap room left in 2023, but they have $77 million in 2024. While DK Metcalf signed a three-year extension in 2022 and he will get paid a lot through 2025, his cap hit in 2023 is just $13,720,000 so the Patriots wouldn't have to make that much room to obtain him. Seattle gets draft picks - say a first-round pick in 2024, a third-rounder in 2024, and a second-rounder in 2025 - and the Patriots get a player to help them fix their offense.