Seattle Seahawks: 3 potential landing spots for DK Metcalf in a trade

While the Seahawks are unlikely to trade DK Metcalf, most probably thought the same thing about Seattle trading Russell Wilson.

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DK Metcalf could be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs

We know Kansas City is fully aware that they are in a championship window because they aren't afraid to make trades and have done so many times over the last few years. In 2022, they made a move for Kadarius Toney, for instance. KC has already made a trade this month that brought receiver Mecole Hardman to them from the Jets.

The point is that the Chiefs are never really satisfied with the players they have who catch passes from Patrick Mahomes. And while the Chiefs are in the championship window, we aren't talking about two Super Bowl wins but four or five wins. Mahomes and coach Andy Reid are good enough to make that happen but they need help.

Just imagine DK Metcalf in the Chiefs offense. While Metcalf hasn't come close to his career-high number of 1,303 receiving yards which he got in 2020, and he might not ever reach that number again in the scheme in the Seahawks' current offense, Metcalf could explode with the Chiefs. He would be the perfect fit for KC as well.

While that's all well and good for the Chiefs, we don't so much care about them, right? We want the Seahawks do to great things, so what would be in the trade for Seattle? Maybe Chris Jones? Jones is likely going to be a free agent after this year (unless KC surprisingly signs him to an extension during the season) and his contract for Metcalf's would likely be an even swap. Seattle's defense is improving but adding Jones would make the group truly great again.

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