Ranking the top 5 Seahawks quarterbacks of all-time

  • Number 1 should be obvious
  • "We want the ball and we're gonna score"
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Seattle Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck
Seattle Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck / Kevin Casey/GettyImages
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For a team like the Seattle Seahawks having only been around since 1976, the franchise has had a rich history at the quarterback position.

There are plenty of other teams that would kill to have had even one of the top three on this coming list, but the Seahawks were fortunate enough to see all of them come through in their short history.

When looking at the all-time passers in Seattle history, who ranks in the top five? We know who number one and two should be, but what about the other three? Let's kick things off with a guy who thought his career was over even before it began.

5. Jon Kitna

When this guy finally retired after his final season in 2011, it gave many of us that feeling of, "Wow, it's about time. That guy played forever."

Jon Kitna entered the league as an undrafted free agent back in 1996, and didn't get his shot until a year later when the Seahawks signed him as a practice squad member and third string candidate. He actually played for the World League of American Football for a bit, thinking his NFL dreams were over.

Kitna spent a total of four seasons with Seattle and sits sixth all-time in passing yards behind Rick Mirer. The biggest reason why Kitna comes in ahead of Mirer is due to the fact that he threw more touchdowns, less interceptions and owns a better career record (a winning record, mind you, of 18-15 versus Mirer's 20-31 mark).

Overall, Kitna threw for 7,552 yards, 49 touchdowns and 45 picks with the Seahawks. His best season came in 1999 when he threw for 3,346 yards, 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while going 8-7 as a starter.