Ranking the top 5 Seahawks quarterbacks of all-time

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Seattle Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck
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4. Jim Zorn

Many younger football fans might recognize Jim Zorn as a long-time coach between college and the NFL, having spent from 1988-2020 coaching in some fashion. But, Zorn is also the no. 4 all-time passer in Seahawks history having thrown for 20,122 yards, 107 touchdowns and 133 interceptions.

Zorn went undrafted out of Cal Poly Pomona back in 1975, signed with the Dallas Cowboys and then was cut prior to the regular season. He actually spent that season out of football before getting his shot with the Seahawks in 1976, and startd 14 games that season.

His first season could not have gone much worse, as Zorn went 2-12 as a starter, threw for 2,751 yards, 12 touchdowns and a league-leading 27 interceptions. Somehow, he was allowed to retain the job. The follwing season, Zorn went 4-6 in 10 starts.

Then, things started to get a little better as Zorn enjoyed two 9-7 seasons in a row in 1978-79. His best season in Seattle came in 1979 when he threw for 3,661 yards, 20 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.

Zorn never made a Pro Bowl, nor did he throw for 4,000 yards during his career. But, he spent nine years with the team and had a fairly respectable career as a whole.