3 Ravens that Mike Macdonald could bring with him to the Seattle Seahawks

Macdonald and any one of these three players could significantly improve the Seahawks defense.
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Seahawks could bring in defensive tackle Justin Madubuike

Madubuike might be the player that most wants to follow Macdonald anywhere the coach goes if Macdonald does leave the Ravens. The reason I say this is that while Madubuike has always had a high motor and has given maximum effort, his use and production have not always been first-rate. But in Macdonald's second season as defensive coordinator in Baltimore, Madubuike found his place in the defense and his numbers exploded.

This year, the 26-year-old defensive lineman had a career high in sacks (13), quarterback hits (33), and tackle for loss (12). His previous high in those categories was 5.5, 9, and 8, respectively. Madubuike wasn't just slightly more productive than in previous seasons; his sacks and quarterbacks hits in 2023 were more than his previous three seasons combined.

Why would Madubuike want to leave playing under Macdonald as he knows the coach has made him into the kind of player who is going to get a massive payday this offseason but probably get him to a massive payday after his next contract is up as well. According to PFF, Madubuike's next deal could pay him $92 million over four years with $60.25 million of that being guaranteed. The Seahawks would have to clear off a ton of cap room to pay Madubuike.

Like Patrick Queen, however, Madubuike does not have any real weaknesses. He is a better pass rusher at this point than a run-stopper, but he isn't bad in run defense either. Adding Madubuike would anchor Macdonald's Seattle defensive line for years to come.

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