3 Seattle Seahawks we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

A fresh set of eyes should help Seattle's roster be better in 2024.

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Seahawks linebacker Devin Bush

Bush doesn't even feel like a Seahawk. He played his first four seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and was decent for one year before getting hurt. He signed with Seattle last offseason after Pittsburgh gave up on him. He appeared to be OK against the run but just would never be good at pass rush. That was OK for Seattle was the hope because Seattle didn't expect high sack totals from its off-ball linebackers.

But as things turned out, Pittsburgh was right. Bush simply is not very good. He started three games in 2023 and missed just 5.1 percent of his tackle attempts, but he recorded zero quarterback pressures. Moreover, he did not seem fast enough to catch up to running backs who ran around tackle. Bush did not miss many tackles because the ones he attempted were ball-carriers who were right in front of him.

Bush saved his worst play for the last game of the season, though. After Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray had scrambled out and had clearly started his slide to give himself up, Bush came up and hit him which temporarily caused Murray to be injured. The tackle was a cheap shot. Worse, Bush celebrated the hit like he had done something good.

Thankfully, Bush is a free agent this offseason. Mike Macdonald should not want players like Bush on his team but instead players capable of helping the team on the field and also leading by example for the young guys on the team. Bush is neither.

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