Seattle Seahawks should be scared off from Dan Quinn based on this rumor

There is speculation about Quinn in Dallas as well.
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The Seattle Seahawks need a new head coach after Pete Carroll was asked to leave last week. Carroll held his job for 14 seasons, made the playoffs 10 times, and went to two Super Bowls. He was also the head coach on the only Seahawks team to win a Super Bowl. Whoever replaces Carroll will be expected to win at a high level fairly quickly because otherwise, what was the point of firing Carroll?

Dan Quinn is the current defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys and Quinn was DC under Carroll on Seattle's Super Bowl teams of 2013 and 2014. During his time in Seattle, the Seahawks had the best defenses in the NFL. I don't mean at the time. I mean, ever.

After leaving Seattle, Quinn was the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons for most of six seasons. Quinn took the Falcons to the Super Bowl in his second season. Atlanta had a massive lead at halftime over the New England Patriots but the Falcons had a meltdown in the second half and lost the game.

Dan Quinn rejoining the Seattle Seahawks would be an easy move, but...

Meltdowns, unfortunately, have become part of Quinn's history now. He might have been a red-hot name for being a head coach in 2024, and that included potentially with the Seattle Seahawks. Quinn leaving Dallas for Seattle just makes too much sense due to Quinn's previous history with the team. Plus, he would likely keep the current culture pretty much the same as it existed under Carroll and that is not a bad thing.

But Quinn's stock appears to have plummeted after the most recent meltdown by one of his teams. After ranking among the best defenses in the league for most of the regular season, Quinn's defense was destroyed by the Green Bay Packers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Moreover, Quinn seemed incapable of getting his players to adjust to what Green Bay was doing. The Packers scored touchdowns on six of their first seven drives.

But among the many current rumors surrounding Dan Quinn currently is that Seattle might as well hire him because Quinn could be on the verge of being fired in Dallas due to his defenses not holding up when the games matter most. Even our pals at FanSided's Dallas Cowboys site, Landry Hat, would be more than happy to see Quinn leave.

If the Cowboys do not have faith that Dan Quinn can continue doing a good job of coaching the team's defense and maintaining good play into the playoffs then why should the Seattle Seahawks elevate Quinn to being Seattle's head coach. Sure, Quinn and the organization are familiar with each other. That doesn't mean Seattle should give Quinn a job, though.

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