3 Seattle Seahawks should be massively motivated to play on Monday Football in Week 4

The 2-1 Seahawks play the 1-2 Giants in New Jersey on Monday.
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The Seattle Seahawks are 2-1 with one game left before their bye week. Maybe based on the last two games, if Seattle could replay Week 1 (when they were flat-out awful) they would be 3-0. But 2-1 with all the injuries the team has had is probably good enough at this point.

Seattle now plays one of the marquee games of the week in Week 4 versus the New York Giants. The game is in New York (well, New Jersey) and on Monday Night Football. That's great stuff.

The Giants aren't playing well, could be without running Saquon Barkley, and Seattle is beginning to get healthier. The Seahawks should win. And here are three players who should be ultra-motivated on Monday.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith

As part of Geno Smith's revenge tour, he defeated the New York Giants in 2022. Smith played for the Giants in 2017 and almost no one of importance for the Giants still remains from that team. Still, it is always nice to beat a team wearing a jersey that you used to wear and have a feeling that the organization didn't want you.

Therefore, Smith's want to beat the Giants might not ever go away. That kind of rage doesn't really digress. At least, for most people. But Geno Smith seems to be able to forget negative moments and move on more quickly than most humans. In 2022, Smith went 23 for 34 for 212 yards and 2 touchdowns against New York, so there is a likelihood that the Giants are much more worried about Smith in 2023 than he is wasting time trying to exact more revenge.

But Smith also played for the New York Jets, of course. Between the Jets and the Giants, Smith spent the first five years of his career in the New York area and probably heard a lot of hate directed at him from New York area sports fans. While the Seahawks beat both the Jets and Giants in 2022, neither game was in New York (or New Jersey, to be more accurate), so Geno Smith might want to ball out in front of New York area football fans and show them what they are missing.