3 Seattle Seahawks should be massively motivated to play on Monday Football in Week 4

The 2-1 Seahawks play the 1-2 Giants in New Jersey on Monday.
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Strong safety Julian Love

Love spent his previous four seasons in the NFL with the New York Giants. He didn't get a chance to start until last year when he started 16 games. He was pretty good too both against the run and pass. He had 2 interceptions, a sack, and had 80 tackles. But Love hasn't been quite as good through three games in 2023 with Seattle.

According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Love is graded at 74 among 85 safeties this year. That's bad. Of course, the problem is that Love is the highest-graded Seahawks safety as Coby Bryant is next-to-last and Quandre Diggs is the worst. Maybe this means that Seattle's secondary will be much better for the rest of the year, or maybe Love will get replaced soon.

There could be many reasons to replace Love as well. One is that he simply hasn't played that well, of course. Another is there is a returning player (more on that in a second) who might be the natural replacement for Love. Those last two points should also be motivational to Love in Week 4, especially as he might be looking at his replacement next to him on the field.

But Love, like Smith, might simply want to do well against his former team. There are few things more motivational than that. Maybe Love will even jump up the grades on Pro Football Focus with a fantastic performance on Monday Night Football.