Seattle Seahawks squeak by Commanders in Week 10: 3 quick takeaways

Seattle moves to 6-3 in 2023 with a much tougher schedule ahead.
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The Seattle Seahawks still have a chance for the postseason. They are 6-3 after a 29-26 victory over the Commanders in Week 10. If the season were to end now, Seattle would be in the postseason.

The issue is that Seattle's schedule gets a lot tougher beginning in Week 12. Is Seattle a Super Bowl team? Likely not. But making the playoffs is still better than most other teams, right?

Plus, while Seattle got destroyed in Week 9 by the Baltimore Ravens, maybe Seattle could get a surprise victory in the weeks ahead. There is always hope with a Pete Carroll-led team. But here is some of what happened in Week 10.

Seattle Seahawks moved to 6-3 with a victory over the Washington Commanders

Takeaway 1: DK Metcalf proves why he is so valuable

Sure, DK Metcalf has gotten far too many penalties over the last four years but he is also capable of greatness when catching the football. He nearly single-handily put Seattle in position to kick a game-winning field goal after he caught two passes on the drive and picked up about 20 extra yards after he caught the pass. Throughout the last two games, Geno Smith seems to be forcing the ball to Metcalf a bit too much, but on the final drive, Smith-to-Metcalf basically won the game.

Takeaway 2: Seattle's defense is still way too inconsistent

In the first half, Seattle seemed to have fixed whatever issues they had in Week 9 as Washington wasn't able to run at all and except for one what-seemed-to-be accidental pass on their first drive of the game, the Commanders couldn't throw that well either. At halftime, Washington had just 133 total yards and five first downs.

The second half, especially the fourth quarter, was different. The Commanders picked up 223 yards in the second half. Washington adjusted at halftime to what the Seahawks were doing defensively, and then Seattle couldn't adjust back. That's not great coaching.

Takeaway 3: Zach Charbonnet still needs the ball more

Seattle tends not to run the ball as much as they should anyway in many games this year, but Charbonnet has shown in flashes that he would be good enough to be an RB1 on many teams. He just doesn't get his chances with Seattle. But in Week 10, Charbonnet looked strong and fast and finished with 44 rushing yards on just 6 carries (7.3 yards a rush) as well as 18 yards receiving. He needs the ball more.

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