Your gameday outfit can be complete with this stunning Seahawks Starter Jacket

We all know Seahawks gear is the best part of our wardrobes.
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You've made a smart choice, dear 12. You made a decision to have the Seattle Seahawks be your favorite team and, especially since 2010, you've been a bit more proud of your team than most other NFL fans of their own teams. But let me ask you this. Are you dressed in Seahawks colors the best you can be?

Wearing Seahawks shoes with a bunch of plaid just isn't going to work. You need the whole kit so if you are traveling to, say, Iceland, everyone in the airport and the neighborhood fried cricket restaurant knows you are a 12.

For the t-shirt, you need some kind of throwback. As we know, Seattle is going to wear throwback jerseys at least once in 2023. We are throwing all the way back to the 1990s and the Kingdome days, so a Kingdome t-shirt would work perfectly.

Let's go ahead and throw on some throwback shorts too. Mind you, the shorts themselves don't need to be old. But new shorts that look old? There you go.

Also, don't wear socks. Would your outfit look better if you did? Probably. Would your feet be more comfortable? Likely. But socks are just so 2022. Next comes the main attraction:

Homage / Homage

Homage has the perfect Seahawks Starter Jacket for 12s everywhere

Without a doubt, you absolutely need a Starter Jacket to finish off your kit. Seattle and Lumen Field get windy! A StarterJacket allows you to show your Seahawks colors in style. Since 2023 is a bit of a throwback season, you're going to need throwback gear, and Homage has the perfect one for you.

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