Seattle Seahawks stay classy with excellent Russell Wilson gesture

Seattle has been known to treat their players well in the recent past, but even former players get treated well too, it seems.
Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks had no real reason to have to do it. They could have left past ghosts lying and not revisiting the past. This was true except for one thing that the team did in 2024 that they had not done before. The team dressed in throwback uniforms twice during the 2023 season.

This was not to honor the current players but to give respect to all those who had come before. To be fair, Seattle's throwbacks were fire. Some might want the team to always wear them, but that seems to miss the point. Sure, the jerseys were a way of making a bit more coin as 12s were going to buy them, but the current jerseys are pretty awesome as well.

Russell Wilson never wore a jersey like the one the team used for its throwbacks. When he was the quarterback for the team from 2012 through 2021, the kits he wore were wolf gray and college navy. Those should be remembered well too, because Seattle went to back-to-back Super Bowls wearing those colors and won the franchise's only championship in the 2013 season donning the uniforms.

Seahawks sent Russell Wilson a throwback jersey in an unbelievably classy move

Wilson left before the 2022 season after reportedly trying to get head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider fired. The team has refuted that, but they would. The Seahawks take the high road when many would take the low one. Plus, they traded Wilson instead of him trading them. The damage was done.

The quarterback flamed out after two underwhelming seasons with the Denver Broncos even though Denver helped Seattle retool the team quickly with a lot of draft capital. Wilson wasn't bad in 2023; he just wasn't what new head coach Sean Payton wanted. Who knows why? Payton will have to lie in the bed he made.

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Now Wilson is a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Seattle won't play Pittsburgh for a number of years unless the two teams meet in the Super Bowl. In other words, the franchise has no real ties to Russell Wilson other than he is without argument the best quarterback in franchise history.

So when the team sent Wilson a throwback jersey that the team wore last season it was only a way of saying "thanks" to the quarterback. Most franchises would have never thought of the gesture, let alone sent the jersey. Wilson was rightfully thankful and recently posted a video on social media of the jersey the Seahawks had sent. He was genuinely moved.

Russell Wilson will never be the quarterback for the Seahawks again. The team does not need him to be. But he will always be part of the lore of the franchise and he should be. Seattle likely would not have a Super Bowl win without him.

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