Even if they fall to 6-8, Seattle Seahawks still have a path to the playoffs

It's a rocky path, but it's there for the taking.

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The Seattle Seahawks face a pair of very difficult games in the next two weeks. Even at 6-8, they still have a path to the playoffs. Whether that matters or not is an entirely different question.

The Seahawks put themselves in the position entering the toughest stretch of their schedule at just 6-4. After their thrilling comeback win over the Browns, they were riding high at 5-2. The loss to the Ravens is excusable, although the score certainly wasn't. Losing to the Rams for the second time this season cannot be excused. It left the Hawks at 6-6, and now facing the two toughest teams on their schedule in back-to-back weeks. They face a very tough path to the playoffs at just a 35 percent chance, according to one analysis reported by John Breech for CBS Sports.

The prospects of the Hawks beating either the 49ers this Sunday or the Eagles on the following Monday night game are about as slim as winning the Pulitzer. Well, okay, they aren't quite that bad. The Niners have already lost to a pair of 6-6 teams, while the Iggles lost to the freaking Jets. Any given Sunday, indeed. But as inconsistent as the Seahawks have been, it's difficult to see them winning either game.

The Seattle Seahawks could still make the postseason with a strong finish

Geno Smith will clearly have to have another game as strong as he did versus the Cowboys for the Seahawks to have a chance against either the 49ers or the Eagles. Pete Carrol and his coaching staff will have to pull a rabbit or three out of their hats as well. Perhaps bring Coby Bryant back to slow down Christian McCaffrey, as Michael Bumpus suggested. Or, you know, just go with the guy who's already on the field and let Devon Witherspoon shadow him on third down, and trust Tre Brown to handle things outside the numbers. One way or another, the defense has to show up this time.

Clearly, one upset over the next two weeks would make a huge change in the playoff chances for the Seahawks. The way they've been playing though, they'd be just as likely to knock off the Eagles, then lose two of their last three to miss the postseason party. But let's assume that Seattle enters week 16 at 6-8. That brings up two separate but equally important questions. How likely would it be for the Hawks to run the table to reach 9-8? And, would that record get them into the playoffs, as it did last year? I have more questions than answers, but let's take a look anyway.