The Seattle Seahawks are stressing the 12s at historic levels and that's great

The Seahawks are 8-7 but that's a good thing.
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The Seattle Seahawks have set an amazing league record, but it hasn't made it easy for the 12s this year. Geno Smith has had a big hand in it, but it wouldn't have happened without Drew Lock.

The Seahawks have always given the 12s a lot to cheer about, more so than most teams. I mean, can you imagine being a fan of the Cardinals? Yeesh. Okay, to be fair to our friends at Raising Zona, they'll eventually get better. Very few teams are terrible for long. Just think back to six weeks ago. It sure seemed like the Hawks were entering the land of the also-rans.

What a difference two weeks has made. First, Drew Lock led the team to an improbable last-minute win over the Eagles. To be sure, Lock didn't do it alone; football is a team sport, after all. And the Hawks needed a terrific interception by Julian Love to close out the win. But a last-minute scoring drive is a last-minute scoring drive. Geno Smith returned to the starting lineup the following week and played the old 'Anything you can do, I can do better' routine as Seattle knocked off Tennessee. Smith took the lead not once, but twice in the fourth quarter. And that's where things get really interesting.

The Seattle Seahawks are making life difficult for opponents and the 12s

Geno Smith and Drew Lock teamed up to tie a record first set 24 years ago and never accomplished again until now. As reported by John Breech for, the Seahawks quarterback duo were the first to throw game-winning touchdown passes with less than a minute left in regulation in two consecutive weeks. That's pretty special, but there's another odd connection to the Seahawks here.

The first team to pull this off was the Dolphins in 1999. Dan Marino pulled out the win in Week 5, and Damon Huard was the man in Week 6. Damon, as all good 12s know, is not only a UDub Husky but the brother of former Seahawks quarterback Brock Huard. Seems only fitting that the Hawks would be the team to match that record.

The craziness doesn't end there, though. Smith's scoring strike to Colby Parkinson against the Titans was his sixth go-ahead touchdown pass in the fourth quarter or overtime this year. Per Elias Sports via Brady Henderson of, that ties the all-time NFL record. That was also Smith's third go-ahead touchdown pass in the last minute of the fourth or overtime. That also ties the all-time league record.

Now comes the crazy part. Drew Lock has one of those last-minute touchdown passes to his credit, too. For some reason, that's been glossed over, but we haven't missed it, have we, 12s?

As a team, the Seahawks have thrown seven TDs to come from behind in the fourth quarter or OT. As a team, the Hawks have four come-from-behind scoring passes in the last minute of the game. Now put that in perspective. Seattle has eight wins this season. Seven times, they came from behind in the fourth quarter, twice against Tennessee. Four times, this team took it down to the final minute to secure the win. No team has ever done that.

So in half of the Seahawks wins, 12s have been hanging on the edge, watching the season circle down the drain, literally until the last minute. I guarantee you that somewhere in the land of the 12s, there's a guy who soaked his number 14 jersey in lighter fluid half a dozen times this year. Then at the end of the game, he breaks into a victory dance and tosses the jersey back in the wash. Just as easy as a last-minute touchdown pass. The really scary thing? We've got two games to go!

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