4 teams Seattle Seahawks should be worried about in 2023

  • An AFC team?
  • Last year's NFC Champs
  • A pair of NFC hopefuls
Seattle Seahawks, Christian Mccaffrey
Seattle Seahawks, Christian Mccaffrey / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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3. Dallas Cowboys

Now, let's get to the NFC competition the Seahawks will face. The Dallas Cowboys enter the 2023 season having boasted last year's fifth-ranked overall scoring defense with some young, lethal playmakers on that unit. Micah Parsons is making the official switch to being a full-time pass rusher, which is frightening. If Parsons has been this good as a multi-faceted linebacker, imagine the possibilities now.

Dallas' defense is going to be great again. There should be no questions about that unit, especially considering the likes of Pro Bowl cornerback Trevon Diggs and the rest of that Dallas front seven. Seattle will have its work cut out with their hopefully-great offense going up against these Cowboys defenders.

But, the real question for Dallas is whether or not Dak Prescott returns to form. Having a full, healthy offseason after last year's injury, Prescott is ready to prove he can be that 4,500-yard passer once again. When Prescott is healthy and establishes a bit of a roll, there might not be a better passing offense in football.

That sounds crazy, especially when thinking about guys like Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, among others, but Prescott has, at times, been on pace to be the clear-cut passing yardage leader during a few of his seasons. It's all on his shoulders. If he's healthy and can prove he's still the same guy, Dallas is a Super Bowl contender.