Seattle Seahawks in theory still have fairly clear path to the playoffs

Maybe it won't happen, but it could.

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The question for many 12s might not be whether you want the Seattle Seahawks to defeat the Arizona Cardinals in Week 18, but if those 12s are more concerned about draft status and where Seattle might choose if they lose to Arizona. But for those 12s who just want to win, you should know Seattle still has a fairly clear path to the playoffs and it is a lot like 2022.

Last year Seattle was 7-8 and needed to win its final two games of the season to have a chance at the postseason. The Seahawks accomplished that, but still needed the Detroit Lions - a team that was not going to make the playoffs win or lose - to beat the Green Bay Packers in the final regular season game of the 2022 season. Thankfully, the Lions did win and Seattle went on to the playoffs only to get squished by the San Francisco 49ers in the Wild Card round.

This year would have been much easier had the Seahawks simply won their final two games, but as 12s all know, nothing can be too easy when it comes to Seattle football. Seattle instead was humiliated by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17. Seattle can still make the postseason if they win in Week 18 plus get some help from the Chicago Bears.

Seattle Seahawks path to the playoffs is clear

The Green Bay Packers need to lose on Sunday to the Bears for Seattle to have any chance at the playoffs. The NFL has taken a cue from what the English Premier League does, however, and has scheduled most of the important games at the same time. Last year, Seattle won earlier in the day and the Lions knew then they had been eliminated, but Detroit so hates Green Bay that they beat them anyway.

In Week 18 of this year, Geno Smith and the Seahawks will play the Cardinals at 1:25 pm PT and the Bears will play the Packers at the same time. In the first meeting of the season between the two NFC North rivals, the Packers beat the Bears 38-20 but that was back in Week 1. Green Bay has won five of its last seven games, but the Bears have won their last four of five.

The issue is that the Bears could beat the Packers, but unless the Seahawks suddenly learn how to stop the run, Seattle could easily lose to the Cardinals. Then all those 12s hoping for a loss to help with draft status will be happy. All the rest of the 12s can start making offseason plans.

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