Three remaining free agents that would be perfect fits for the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle might be ready to finally start making some moves.

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Seattle should chase linebacker Tyrel Dodson

Dodson is ready for a jump in responsibilities. He finally got a chance to start a number of games (10) with the Buffalo Bills and he proved with more reps that he would be an even better player. But for the rest of the league, Dodson likely isn't going to have a chance to start for the Bills in 2024. This means his re-signing with his former team should not be a priority.

IN 2023, while playing on just 51 percent of the Bills snaps, he had 2.5 sacks and 74 tackles including 8 tackles for loss. But he truly excels at two things that Seattle needs upgrades over from 2023. He is fantastic in coverage and he played fantastically against the run.

In fact, he did both of those aspects so well that that led Dodson to be graded as the best linebacker in the NFL in 2023, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required).

Seattle also should love two other things about Dodson. One is that he will only be 26 years old during next season and he also has not done so much in the league that he is going to be an expensive signing. His next contract might only pay him around $4 million per season and that is something the Seahawks can easily afford.