3 Seattle Seahawks we'd love to share Thanksgiving with

These people would be great guests during your Thanksgiving meal.

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Tyler Lockett
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Receiver/great person Tyler Lockett

Tyler Lockett, like Carroll, is just going to bring a light of sunshine and light to your Thanksgiving gathering. Most likely, you will end up talking about a lot of things other than football. Former Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright recently said on his Seattle Sports 710 AM show that he often relied on Lockett to help him get over a bad game as Lockett stays level-headed and forward-looking. Wright also said that Lockett talks...a lot. That is a great thing.

Possibly just as Lockett is about to leave you can give him a gift. You will, of course, need to work this out beforehand with family and friends, but the best thing to give Lockett is a monetary donation to his Light It Up foundation. Maybe you could donate online and then take a screenshot and print that out? You do you.

But if you have young children who want to be receivers in the house, what better guy to gather some bits of wisdom from than Tyler Lockett? He doesn't have great size, and while he is quick, he isn't Tyreke Hill fast. He needs to use his intelligence and experience to get open and he can likely pass some of that info on in just a few words to young football players.

As far as what to eat when Lockett is there, that might depend on when you have Thanksgiving. If he comes over the day before the game, you will probably want to have a bunch of carbs and some protein. That way he can fuel up for the game. But just no turkey. We don't want Lockett being sleepy during the game.