Seattle Seahawks Week 11: Good news and bad news from the collapse versus the Rams

  • A decent first half
  • A rookie is great again
  • No question about QB1

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The Hawks did find some good news in this debacle

Let's start with the cornerback play. Despite his protests, Riq Woolen did have his hands in the receiver's face on his pass interference call. Yep, it was away from the play, but I'm pretty sure Woolen has control of his own hands. There's no reason for that to happen. But other than that play, Woolen was excellent. He allowed two completions on four targets but broke up one pass and had the Seahawks' only interception on the other. On the other side of the field, Tre Brown allowed just one catch on four targets, and that was only for four yards.

Devon Witherspoon was okay, I guess. He had six tackles, five of them stops. While he gave up three completions on five targets, the longest was just for three yards. Oh, and he had Seattle's only sack of the game. We have another quote from Huard to share here. As quoted by Brandon Gustafson for, when asked who's been the Seahawks' best defender this year, Huard replied, "just listen to these NFL guys, former players, doing these (TV) broadcasts. Who do they talk about the most? ‘Spoon is everywhere.'" Yes, he is. That quote was days before his performance versus the Rams, by the way.

In more good news, both Jamal Adams and Abe Lucas are expected to be ready for the Thanksgiving tussle against the Niners. Adams was missed in the Rams loss, while Lucas has been sorely missed all season. Hopefully, both can give the Hawks a much-needed boost in the game. If Seattle has any hopes of making the postseason - or even having a winning season at this point - the Thursday night contest will tell them just about everything they need to know.

I almost forgot - the Seahawks got one more piece of good news in this game. They know they have to draft a quarterback next year. No, not necessarily to replace Geno Smith. He did lead that last-minute drive with a bad elbow, after all. No, the Hawks need to draft a QB that can be Smith's understudy, at least. Because Drew Lock proved he can't be the guy.

Sure, the Geno haters can point to his questionable decision to hand the ball off, rather than spike it with 25 seconds on the clock. That would have been the best call, certainly. Still, what Smith didn't do was turn the ball over. He didn't complete just two of six passes for 3 yards, either. Nor was he so gawdawful that the Seahawks had to put an injured QB back in the game to even have a chance to win. Nope, that was all Drew Lock. The good news is, the Hawks won't have to pay Lock a dime next season.

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