Seattle Seahawks Week 4: The good news and the bad news from victory over the Giants

The Seahawks defense obliterated Daniel Jones with 11 sacks, tying a franchise record
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Seattle's pass rush was dominant and came from everywhere

Do you know who wasn't doing much dodging Monday night? Poor, poor Daniel Jones. The quarterback of the first New Jersey football team in the NFL sure gets dumped on a lot. I mean, the Giants had 248 yards of offense, and he accounted for 269 of those. Yeah, I know that's crazy math, but he had 203 yards passing and 66 yards rushing. Yeah, that rushing total is rough. The good news is the rest of the team managed just 46 yards on 19 carries. So overall, New York had 315 yards of offense.

Well, they did until the Seahawks extracted 67 yards from that total on an amazing 11 sacks. Those 11 sacks tied the franchise record, first set in November of 1853, just months after the city of Seattle was founded. Okay, it was 1986, but it might as well have been centuries ago. This wasn't a superhuman effort by one player, but a true team effort. Uchenna Nwosu, Jordyn Brooks, Bobby Wagner, and Devon Witherspoon all had two each. Boye Mafe, Myles Adams, and Mario Edwards put Daniel Jones on the turf as well.

If I may, I'd like to add a few thoughts about Mr. Bobby Joseph Wagner. For some unknown and frankly unfathomable reason, there are still a few alleged 12s who thought Bobby Wagner was past his prime. This, despite racking up 18 tackles in the season opener. One game of five tackles last week against the Lions, and suddenly, he was "done". I think 17 tackles, two for a loss, two quarterback hits and two sacks might offer evidence to the contrary.

In four games, he's made 50 tackles. That puts him on pace for 212.5 for the season. He's missed three so far, which puts him just a bit below his career average rate. But yeah, he's done. Listen, it's one thing to make valid critical points. For example, the Seahawks have to get better in the red zone and absolutely have to get better on third down. But to say BWagz is done? Go get a Cards jersey; you're done.