3 Seattle Seahawks who deserve a lump of coal for their 2023 performances

These Seattle players won't like what's in their stockings.
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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Tennessee Titans in Week 16 to move to 8-7. But while Seattle won the game, the matchup still showed off Seattle's flaws. The offensive line was atrocious for much of the game and Geno Smith never had much time to throw nor was the running game able to get going.

But, let's be real. The team has a winning record so there are probably more Seahawks happy with their Christmas Day then those getting lumps of coal. But some Seattle players have not played up to expectations this season.

Of the three players that follow, two did not participate in Week 16. One likely would not have helped anyway. The other wouldn't have even played much if at all. But these are season-long stories, not just one game issues.

Seattle Seahawks receiver/returner Dee Eskridge gets coal in his stocking

We finally found Eskridge's special skill in 2023. But after we learned that skill, Eskridge has done his best impersonation of Percy Harvin and has not played since with a rib injury. Harvin, of course, was part of one of the worst trades in Seahawks history in 2013 because he was a problem in the locker room, didn't seem to want to play, but then showed off his immense kick return ability in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos.

The same holds true for Eskridge except for the locker room problem. However, it should be noted that Eskridge was arrested shortly after the 2022 season ended on a domestic issue. So maybe not inside the locker room Eskridge is an issue, but it appears off the field he has some personal concerns.

Eskridge is turning into one of the Seahawks' worst second-round picks ever. In his three seasons in the league, Eskridge has appeared in just 24 of a possible 49 games. Six of those absences were due to a suspension handed down by the NFL due to his January arrest. He has played in just four games this year and has zero catches. But he has returned 8 kickoffs for an average of 28 yards a return. His long was 66 yards. Eskridge looks like a potentially dangerous kick return, but he can never be counted on to play.