4 Seattle Seahawks who need to silence their doubters in 2024

These Seahawks could see their stock crash beyond repair this season.
Seattle Seahawks' Mike Macdonald and John Schneider
Seattle Seahawks' Mike Macdonald and John Schneider / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Charles Cross - Seahawks left tackle

In a recent Pro Football Focus (subscription required) ranking, Cross was not among the NFL's top 32 offensive tackles. He should have been. He has improved in both of his first two seasons, and his pass-block grade alone ranked in the top 32. PFF's ranking was likely just a bit more hate directed at the ignored Seahawks, as the team resides in the Pacific Northwest, far away from national media centers.

Cross does need to be even better in 2024, however. He was a top-ten pick in the 2022 NFL draft, and as such, he at least needs to perform like a top-20 tackle. Part of the issues he has had could be that he did not have great coaching in the NFL to begin his career. Former offensive line coach Andy Dickerson was not brought back this season, and he was replaced by Scott Huff.

Huff worked with new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb at the University of Washington, so he will know exactly what Grubb's offensive design is and what is expected of the offensive linemen. Huff also showed while at Washington that he can create blocking schemes that allow for elite pass protection. Cross has talent; he just needed the right teacher in the NFL, and Huff should be that.

There is no reason to believe that Cross cannot be a Pro Bowler eventually. That could be as early as 2024. He also has two years on his rookie contract to prove to the Seahawks that he deserves the team potentially picking up his fifth-year option.