Steelers media clearly not listening to Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett's request

Lockett does not want to be traded.
Tom Hauck/GettyImages

One might ask if there is anything else Tyler Lockett can do to show he does not want to be traded by the Seattle Seahawks. He reworked his deal which ultimately cost him $4 million this offseason. He voluntarily lowered how much he could make over the next two years by that dollar amount when he and the team restructured his deal. The reworking of such basically means he is unlikely to return in 2025.

Lockett also told some people in the media after Seattle held voluntary workouts earlier in April that he doesn't want to see more articles about being traded. He clearly wants to remain a member of the Seahawks and does not want to play for another team. He is happy with the organization and 12s are happy with Lockett. Why leave?

Still, one Pittsburgh Steelers site did not heed Lockett's request and posted an article on the same day that Lockett made his plea saying that the Steelers should trade for Seattle's receiver. The site, Steelers Now, even was aware of Lockett's contract restructuring and suggested that the trade could happen post-June 1 when Seattle would not suffer any financial issues for moving Lockett. There was, to be fair, a reason for Steelers Now's madness.

Tyler Lockett will not be leaving the Seattle Seahawks for the Pittsburgh Steelers

But not a great reason, to be sure. The proposed trade had more to do with Pittsburgh's new quarterback than it did with the Seahawks receiver. The Steelers signed former Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason after Wilson was released by the Denver Broncos. Wilson needs offensive weapons to help him succeed and Lockett could, in theory, be one of those weapons.

While there is nothing overly wrong with what Steelers Now wrote, it was done with the natural near-sightedness of a site that does not cover Seattle football closely. While we at 12th Man Rising had proposed Lockett potentially being traded earlier in the offseason for cap savings reasons, we have not done so after his deal was re-done. The money involved is not important. The fact that Lockett was willing to rework his contract is.

He wants to stay with Seattle. General manager John Schneider would not be kind by still moving Lockett after the receiver worked with the team on his salary. Lockett is not going anywhere, no matter if Russell Wilson is the quarterback with the Steelers or not.

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