4 studs and no duds from the Seahawks Week 7 win over the Cardinals

Three rookies balled-out and two "veterans" stepped up.

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Studs: Boye Mafe and Darrell Taylor

This may be considered cheating since it was said that the studs list contained four players and not five. But it feels wrong to include Boye Mafe without Darrell Taylor because both of their performances were noteworthy on Sunday.

The pair led an impressive defensive start right out of the gate, making Joshua Dobbs' job a bit more complicated than he would have liked. Not only was the quarterback unable to complete 50% of his passes in the first half, but he was also consistently pressured by defenders, forcing the need to think quickly and try to get a play out before being taken to the ground.

That tone was set by Mafe and Taylor, who both absolutely dominated at the line of scrimmage through the entire 60 minutes of gameplay.

Together, they recorded six combined tackles, 2.5 sacks, two tackles for a loss, two passes defended, and three quarterback hits, which basically instilled fear in the quarterbacks they are set to face over the rest of the season.