Studs and duds from the Seattle Seahawks Week 10 last-second win over the Commanders

Studs come in all sizes on this Seahawks team.
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Yes, the Hawks had some duds in the game

Let me just throw the Seahawks' pass coverage into a bag and say, we had some dud performances out there in this game. They blew coverage on a pass to Commanders running back Brian Robinson on the fourth play of the game, as he released just beyond the Hawks pass rush and took the ball 51 yards down the sideline for the first score of the game.

Jamal Adams blitzed on the play, so it's unlikely that Robinson would be the responsibility of another defensive back. Boye Mafe let Robinson go, perhaps assuming that he'd be picked up in coverage. Jordyn Brooks made a late rush at Washington QB Sam Howell, which set up the easy pass for the scoring play. Regardless, someone should have been on Robinson, and no one was.

Similarly, the Commanders tied the game with 52 seconds left on another miscommunication by Seattle. On third and 10 at the Seahawks 35-yard-line, Dyami Brown found a hole in Seattle's coverage, slipping past both Devon Witherspoon and Jordyn Brooks. No one else was in position to make the play, as Riq Woolen had to stay home to cover the tight end. It was a great play design by Washington and well-executed. But the team simply can't blow coverage like that.

It might not be fair to say that Frank Clark has been a dud so far, as this was only his third game back with the Seahawks and his fifth of the season overall. But he had one tackle in this game; that's it. No sacks, no quarterback hits, no tackles for a loss. He now has three tackles total, one in each game. He's always been a streaky player, but he needs to do something soon.