Studs and duds from the Seattle Seahawks Week 13 loss to the Cowboys

  • DK stands out
  • The defensive mess
  • QB1 was OK

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The Seattle Seahawks offense roared back to life, but it wasn't enough as they dropped their third straight game. No shortage of studs nor duds in this contest. It all depends on which side of the ball you're looking.

Now, that's not to say that the Seahawks offense was perfect. They were far from that. But after seeing this team fail to break 300 yards or 20 points in three of their last four games - all losses, by the way - it was almost astounding to see them roll for over 400 yards and five touchdowns against a good team. The offense definitely had some studs show up on this Thursday night.

The only problem in Dallas was that on the night the Seahawks brought their A game on offense, the defense took the night off. Oh, they had a few stops, but this was certainly one of their worst performances of the year. And I suffered through the entire Ravens game just like the rest of us, 12s. The Hawks made some good plays on defense, sure, but too many were negated by penalties. Hmmm...seems we've heard that refrain before. Before I move too far down that path, let's look at one of Seattle's absolute studs in this game.

The Seattle Seahawks got a jumpstart from DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf opened some eyes this week when he singled out Cowboys cornerback DaRon Bland for some serious praise a few days before the game. He accurately pointed out that Bland had more touchdowns (five pick-sixes) than Metcalf himself (to that point, just three). Who knew he was just setting the guy up?

On the Hawks' very first series, Seattle answered the doubts about third-down conversions with a perfect strike from Geno Smith to Metcalf. The ball traveled about 27 yards in the air from Smith's release to Metcalf's catch, and DK did the rest. On his way to the end zone, he hit the fastest speed recorded in three years in the NFL.

DK was just getting started, as it turns out. He wouldn't make another play as spectacular as that, of course, but whether it's from one yard out or 73, they all count for six points. Metcalf wound up with what was easily his best game of the season. He caught six of his eight targets for a season-high 134 yards, and doubled his scoring on the year with three touchdowns on the night. Well, he passed Bland for touchdowns, so I guess it's mission accomplished there.